To bring together the worlds of fashion and mobility, Virgil Abloh and Gorden Wagener came together to create a show car for Maybach. To compliment the innovative show car, Virgil designed a march collection as well as a special edition S-Class. 

On this project, I served as an Art Director working with my senior, Catharina Sonnenberg, from conception to the release. Together we created the look and feel, the briefings for the photographer, the stylist, and the set designer, as well as the graphic design and layouts for the social media posts.

I was lucky enough to attend the shoot for the show car and talents.

Agency: antoni_garage, Highsnobiety, Karla Otto

Creative Director: Lucas Schneider 

Art Direction: Catharina Sonnenberg, Harrison Hecht 

Creative Producer: Negin Ghanizadeh

Photographer: Lee Wei Swee

DoP: Cyprien Bourrec

Interior Car Photographer: Amos Fricke

Merch Photography: Highsnobiety + acte TM 

Lighting: Lighthawk 

Production: Services United

CGI and Post Production: Recom

Set Designer: Leonardo Papini 

Stylist: Niki Pauls

Styling Assistant: Susanna Jones

Casting: Jordan Mergirie 

Grading: Stefan King

Editor: Difference Berlin 

Talents: Erica Duong, Lamine Fat, Anusha Wiangwang 


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Screenshot 2022-04-08 at 09.49.58.png