One week before the AR Gucci SS 2022 show, Gucci announces on their IG that the looks for the show will be determined by the audience, who can go to the Gucci landing page or the mobile app to vote on the looks and the music. 

This is in response to the insight that along with excess production, one of the most unsustainable parts of the fashion industry is flying buyers and influencers to fashion shows. 

This also supports Gucci's mission of being the most inclusive luxury fashion label. 

AD/CW: Harrison Hecht, Mentor: Florian Weitzel

The audience can download pieces from the collection as AR filters for social media. Besides the voting, the use of #GucciSS22 determines the looks. 


 The fashion show can be downloaded from the landing page and mobile app, bringing the show directly to consumers and buyers. Gucci provides a playlist but also allows the audience to play their own music in sync with the show.

For B2B purposes, the data taken from the votes and #GucciSS22 creates a lookbook for buyers. The lookbook is solely digital, cutting down on printing and also helps buyers and Gucci break up their audience. This helps buyers tailor their buys and make their retail stores carry specifically what their clients want. 


The demographic information comes from social media and when people vote they register their email, location, age, and gender. If they are an existing client this also links to their past purchases, which provides insights.